Raul Ortego


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Absolut and Emmanuel 'Chivo' Lubezki Whisk You Through History at Breakneck Speed Video Sep 14, 2017

2D Flame Artist

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How bad batteries ruined a fantasy football fan's entire season Video Aug 08, 2018

2D Team

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George Clooney Goes on a Road Trip Through Hollywood History for Nespresso Video Apr 26, 2017


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: This Summer Joel Embiid Video May 15, 2018
: This Summer Evander Holyfield Video May 15, 2018
: This Summer Deadpool & David Beckham Video May 15, 2018
Messi, Beckham and Deadpool prepare for the chaos of the World Cup Video May 15, 2018
: Men Become Gods Video May 15, 2018
: Everything Becomes Not Enough Video May 15, 2018
: EPIC Ronaldo vs. Messi Video May 15, 2018
: A Curse Becomes A Challenge Video May 15, 2018

Flame Artist

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Dick's Sporting Goods Gets Adrenalin Pumping in Latest Spot Video Jul 22, 2014
Captain Morgan Celebrates National Rum Day with New Adventure Video Aug 15, 2013
Feel the Soul of Football in Anomaly's Latest for Dick's Sporting Goods Video Jul 16, 2013
NY Lotto: Bunnies Video Oct 06, 2009
NY Lotto: Sleepy Time Video Sep 24, 2009

Head of Flame

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Lead Artist

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Who is Captain Morgan? His Crew Speaks Video Jun 26, 2013
Meet the Crew - Film Teaser Video Jun 26, 2013
Captain Morgan: Meet the Crew - The Navigator Video Jun 26, 2013
Captain Morgan: Meet the Crew - The Maidens Video Jun 26, 2013
Captain Morgan Makes The Sneakiest Getaway in Anomaly's New Ad Video Mar 21, 2013

Lead Compositor

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Danica Patrick is a Bodybuilder on the Run in GoDaddy's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 22, 2014

Lead Flame Artist

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HPE, Paramount Take Technology 250 Years Into the Future for 'Star Trek Beyond' Video Jun 06, 2016
Old Spice: Irresistible Video Feb 01, 2013
Old Spice: Poker Face Video Feb 01, 2013
Lexus: Pop-Up Book - Behind the Scenes Video Nov 12, 2007
Lexus: Pop-Up Book Video Oct 17, 2007

Lead Inferno Artist

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Skittles: Hourglass Video Jul 07, 2009

Senior Flame Artist

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HBO Go: Fan Video May 09, 2011
HBO Go: Tuxedo Video May 09, 2011
HBO Go: Pen Video May 09, 2011
HBO Go: Elevator Video May 09, 2011
Monster: Fiddle a Friend Interactive (image) Feb 03, 2010
Skittles: Transplant Video Mar 12, 2009

Visual Effects Artist

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SOS: SOS Video May 08, 2007

Visual Effects Composite

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SportsCenter's 'Da Da Da' is the Sign That Something Awesome Just Happened Video Sep 24, 2013

Visual Effects Supervisor/Lead Compositor

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Jeep Brings Sides Together in Ad Airing During First Presidential Debate Video Sep 26, 2016