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Virgin Trains: Spandau or Speedcore (Plane v Train) Video Jun 12, 2017
Train Travel vs Car? It's Spandau Ballet or Speedcore, Say Virgin Trains' Funny Ads Video Jun 12, 2017

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Heineken: The Chase Video Sep 13, 2017
Heineken: The Last Duel Video Sep 13, 2017
Ronaldinho Stars in a Futuristic Blockbuster in Heineken's Champions League Campaign Video Sep 13, 2017
Daniel Craig Goes on Frolicking Boat Chase in Heineken's 'Spectre' Tie-In Ad Video Sep 21, 2015

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Walmart Gingerly Weighs in on Racial Controversy With 'Many Chairs' Video Aug 24, 2017
Intel Honors Blind Mountaineer In Latest 'Look Inside' Spot Video Feb 05, 2014
Orbit Gum: Gluteus Maximus Video Apr 03, 2008
Orbit Gum: Intro Cheer Video Apr 03, 2008
Orbit Gum: Spirit Fingers Video Apr 03, 2008
Orbit Gum: Tournament Video Apr 03, 2008
Barnardo's: Muffin Top Video Nov 28, 2007
Barnardo's: We Are Sweet Video Nov 28, 2007


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Seattle Seahawks' Derrick Coleman Trusts His Power for Duracell Video Jan 13, 2014
Orbit: Polo Video Mar 26, 2013
Get Your Mashed Potatoes to Shut Up With Orbit Video Mar 26, 2013
EA Sports FIFA 12: Love Football. Play Football. Video Aug 30, 2011

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This Insurance Spot Highlights a Disabled Dancer's Grit and Determination Video Sep 05, 2017
Working Moms and Weekend Dads Are Among the Diverse Family Members Celebrated in Ad From McCain Video Aug 17, 2017
Corona Embraces Surf Culture in Its Laid-Back Global Campaign Video May 13, 2016
Nike (Russia): Real Girls of Moscow - Figure Skating Video Jul 07, 2015
Nike (Russia): Real Girls of Moscow - Boxing Video Jul 07, 2015
Nike (Russia): Real Girls of Moscow - Long Jumping Video Jul 07, 2015
Nike (Russia): Real Girls of Moscow - Yoga Video Jul 07, 2015
Nike (Russia): Real Girls of Moscow (Slideshow) Print (image) Jul 07, 2015
Nike Celebrates Russian Female Athletes in Murals and Inspiring Spots Video Jul 07, 2015
One-Legged Nico Calabria is the Star of Powerade's World Cup Spot Video Apr 16, 2014

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Absolut and Emmanuel 'Chivo' Lubezki Whisk You Through History at Breakneck Speed Video Sep 14, 2017
Buick: Center of Attention Video Aug 18, 2016
Max Greenfield Is a Pampered Actor in Buick's Latest Ads Video Aug 18, 2016
Buick: Hands Video Aug 18, 2016
Fruit of the Loom: Dressing Room Video Jul 18, 2016
Kia: Joyride II Video Jun 27, 2011


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Coke Plugs Diversity, and Soda, in a Poetic Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018
Coca-Cola: Super Bowl 2018 - The Wonder of Us - print ad Print (image) Feb 01, 2018
HP Sauce: Man Rules Video Nov 15, 2012


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A dad gets his 'bod' in better shape for something truly important Video Jun 12, 2018
If you don't want to get up and start dancing after watching this infectiously fun Bacardi ad, you might be dead Video May 15, 2018


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Dos Equis Sidelines the Most Interesting Man in the World Video Mar 13, 2018
A Surreal Fantasy of Smoothness Promotes Dollar Shave Club's Shave Butter Video Oct 30, 2017
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Plays a Sensitive Dandy in a Stylish Film for Givenchy Gentleman Video Sep 06, 2017
This Hidden Camera Taxi Prank Shines a Horrifying Light on Domestic Abuse Video Jun 26, 2017
Better Than Nursing? Skittles Got Epically Weird for Mother's Day Video May 09, 2017
Panama Tourism Authority: Not for Tourists - For Trendsetters Video May 09, 2017
Panama Tourism Authority: Not for Tourists - Journey Video May 09, 2017
Panama Tourism Authority: Not for Tourists - Face Paint Video May 09, 2017
Panama's Not for Tourists, Says Country's Tourism Campaign Video May 09, 2017
Steven Tyler Passes Judgment on Skittles Art in Super Bowl Spot Video Feb 02, 2016
SoFi: Bankless World Video Jan 29, 2016
You Won't Foresee the Twist in United Healthcare's High School Love Story Video Oct 08, 2015
Gatorade Celebrates Its Sports Legacy on Its 50th Anniversary Video Dec 29, 2014
To Risk or Not to Risk? Nike's 'The Last Game' Pits Football Clones Against Ronaldo Video Jun 09, 2014
McDonald's: GOL app Interactive (image) Jun 04, 2014
McDonald's Showcases Mini Soccer Stars' Skills in World Cup Film Video Jun 04, 2014
Shell: Born from Natural Gas Video May 13, 2014
Ellen is Goldilocks in Beats Music's Super Bowl Commercial Video Jan 30, 2014
If You Want to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, You Gotta Have the Right Batteries Video Oct 10, 2013
Nike Shoes Make This Chinese Basketball Fan's Dreams Come True Video Mar 14, 2013
Volkswagen: Sunny Side Video Jan 24, 2013
Lincoln: Time for Magic Video Dec 07, 2012
Sears: Top 10 Advantage Video Jul 27, 2012
Skittles: Walrus Video Jul 02, 2012
Tribord: Back to Water Video May 22, 2012
Skittles: Mentor Video Mar 06, 2012
Skittles: Bleachers Video Mar 06, 2012
Skittles: Cranky Video Mar 06, 2012
EA Mass Effect 3: Fight Video Feb 26, 2012
Bud Light: Rescue Dog -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012
Sony Vaio: Oceans of Treasure Game Trailer Interactive (image) Apr 27, 2011

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BMW: Bullet Video Jun 25, 2012

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This PSA against the ivory trade has a truly shocking ending Video May 01, 2018
Nike Korea Just Dropped a Totally Mesmerizing Rap Video Video Jan 31, 2018
This Charming Tale of A Lost Piggy Bank Illustrates How Santander Looks After Your Money Video Jan 11, 2018
A Simple Present Lights Up a Girl and Boy's Christmas in Macy's Emotional Holiday Tale Video Nov 14, 2017
Macy's Tugs at the Heartstrings While Laying Low in Holiday Ad From BBDO Video Nov 13, 2017
The John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here Video Nov 10, 2017
P&G Tackles Bias in New 'Proud Sponsor of Moms' Olympics Work Video Nov 01, 2017
Boddingtons Revives Its Iconic '90s Campaign With Actress Melanie Sykes Video Oct 18, 2017
Orbit: Lunch Money Video Aug 14, 2017
Gum Gives You Confidence at Times of Crisis in Orbit's Latest Spots Video Aug 14, 2017
A Boy's Beautiful Astronaut Fantasy Is Just That in This Sobering Domestic Violence PSA Video Jul 27, 2017
Glenfiddich Reflects on the Human Mind in Global Spot for 'IPA Experiment' Whisky Video Oct 25, 2016
Acrobats Leap Around to Deliver the Goods in This Energetic Argos Spot Video Sep 29, 2016
2K Sports: WWE 2K17: Welcome To Suplex City Video Sep 27, 2016
Blake Griffin Is a Meditation Guru in Funny Spot for Red Bull's L.A. Festival Video Sep 20, 2016
In Run-Up to Rio, Always Inspires Girls to Stay Passionate About Sports Video Jun 28, 2016
Donald Trump's Wall Has Already Been Built. It's Amazing! It's Yuge! Video Jun 23, 2016
Danny Glover Has a Fun Cameo in Samsung's Galaxy S7 Spot Video Jun 20, 2016
The 'Most Shocking Second a Day' Continues in Powerful Sequel to Award-Winning Ad Video May 09, 2016
Visa's Stirring Spot Dives Straight Into the Heart of an Olympian Video Mar 21, 2016
'Walkers' Become Runners in Brooks' Uplifting Zombie Parody Video Feb 17, 2016
Best of 2015 No. 1 TV/Film: Geico's Pre-Roll Ads Are Literally Unskippable Video Feb 27, 2015
Geico: Cleaning Video Feb 27, 2015
Geico: Highfive Video Feb 27, 2015
Geico Knows You're Tired of Pre-Rolls, so These Are Different Video Feb 27, 2015
Tiffany Follows Up Same-Sex Marriage Print Ad With a TV Spot Featuring Gay Couple Video Feb 23, 2015
A Guy's Retail Fantasy Comes True With the Return of 'If Carlsberg Did' Campaign Video Feb 17, 2015
Goodwill: Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. Video Feb 10, 2015
Pepsi: Halftime Touches Down Video Jan 28, 2015
Budweiser's Puppy Is in Peril in This Year's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 28, 2015
These Women Are Giving Santa Claus a Little Competition Video Nov 07, 2014
The Sun Never Stops Setting in This Epic, Globe-Circling Stunt by Watchmaker Citizen Video Oct 01, 2014
Firestone Tells the Tale of a Forbidden Love Story in Leo Burnett Spot Video Mar 24, 2014
Samsung Explores Athletes' Other Problems In Paralympics Campaign Video Feb 27, 2014
Terry Crews and The Muppets Have 'No Room for Boring' in Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 28, 2014
This Guy Should Be Careful With His Skittles Smile Video Sep 03, 2013
Marks & Spencer: The Greatest Hits This Christmas Video Nov 29, 2012
Ray-Ban: Ray-Ban Bug Video Aug 09, 2012
Nestle Purina: Great Video Feb 13, 2012
Walmart: Big Sister Video Nov 11, 2011
ESPN: Towel Around the World Video Nov 10, 2011
Visa: Ned's Journey to the Super Bowl Video Nov 07, 2011
Coca-Cola: Walls Video Mar 14, 2011
ESPN: A Short Time Ago Video Sep 10, 2010
HTC: Anthem Video Oct 27, 2009
Audi: Chase Video Jan 31, 2009
Sci Fi Channel: Eureka Neighborhood Video Jul 31, 2008
Americans For The Arts: Raisin Brahms Video Jul 23, 2008
JC Penney: Crowd Surfing Video Feb 25, 2008

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Adidas: Candace Parker Here To Create Video Feb 04, 2016
Adidas: Nicole Winhoffer Here To Create Video Feb 04, 2016
Adidas: Robin Arzon Here To Create Video Feb 04, 2016
Adidas: Hannah Bronfman Here To Create Video Feb 04, 2016
Adidas Taps Squad of Female Athletes for Global Campaign Video Feb 04, 2016

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Watching Drama on Your Phone Can Be a Life or Death Situation in This Samsung Spot Video Oct 25, 2017
Bud Light: Rock, Paper, Scissors Video Mar 15, 2007

Post Production

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Watch Matthew McConaughey Play Piano (Not Bongos), Consume Bourbon (Not Weed) in Wild Turkey Ad He Directed Video Sep 08, 2016
This Brilliant Matthew Frost Film Starring Kirsten Dunst Is the Ultimate Indictment of Selfie Culture Video Sep 24, 2014

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Oscar Mayer's Dating App Plays Matchmaker to Bacon Lovers Interactive (image) Sep 17, 2015

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This razor brand embraces women with body hair Video Jun 27, 2018

Sound Design

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Watching Drama on Your Phone Can Be a Life or Death Situation in This Samsung Spot Video Oct 25, 2017